The Alberta Basketball Officials Association (ABOA) is  tasked with recruitment, education, training, development, evaluation, and certification of over 750 basketball officials throughout the province.


 The Canadian Basketball Official's Commission (CBOC) was created in  November 2015 to help strengthen the alignment in Canadian basketball.

Alberta Basketball

The governing body for the sport of basketball in Alberta.  ABA's mission is to champion the sport of basketball by inspiring unity, facilitating development and delivering superior value.

Canada Basketball

Canada's national governing body in basketball. Canada Basketball's mission statement aspires to excellence in leading the growth and development of the game at home, and in pursuing medal performances on the international stage.


The international governing body for the sport of basketball and the only basketball authority recognized by the International Olympic Committee. FIBA establishes the Official Basketball Rules, as well as organizing and overseeing the FIBA Basketball World Cup and Olympic Basketball Tournaments.

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